Hello! Welcome to my store! Thank you for coming by!

Ok, about me, well I'm terrible at talking about myself (I think), but I am going to try and give you a rough idea on who I am and where my art journey began.

I was born in the Rochester (Minnesota) area to Doug Pietrzak and Ditto Koenig. Currently, I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and own a home in the Byron area. The two dogs are: Paisley, the first dog and a 5 breed mix, rescue from Paws & Claws (Lab, Rottweiler, Weimaraner, Chihuahua, Pomeranian), about 3.5 years old. Emi, the second dog a 3/4 Shiba Inu, 1/4 Mini American Eskimo, just a few days over 3 years old, and she has all the Shiba personality with her vocals growing daily (un-invited). For those of you who are grammar or punctuation nuts, I was more of a science brain so I will probably not have appropriate grammar or punctuation. However, I do enjoy a good discussion, so feel free to message me and explain and you could possibly change me for life. I'm always open to learn from one another, especially when the intent is innocent and pure (education is beautiful). Ok, I've done it again and ventured off and changed topic... oops... I'm ADHD, so, getting distracted is second nature and a constant battle in my life, so lets get back to the pets... Cats: Beaker is the oldest cat (almost 13 years old) he is your basic American short hair black cat (and the only male in the household), I got him free from a flea market when I was younger and he has been my little buddy for the past 13 years, he cuddles me when I'm down and loves to play and can be very (VERY) curious. Cocoa is a mustache tortie shell cat (tortoise shell) who is almost 9 years old, she is submissive and loves to wake you gently with cuddles and snuggles. Luce is the last cat to join the team and she was found as a stray cat at a house my parents flipped. We tried to find another home for her, but she ended up staying and has fit in nicely! She likes to cuddle and can be very wild (feral) still, thankfully her bathroom skills are on point and we have no major issues with her feral side short of her bursts of energy and sprints through the house at all hours of the night. Over all, busy house for pets. Back to me again, I love rugby, golf, biking, rollerblading, going on hikes through nature, traveling and exploring new places. I've got a very curious mind that asks a lot of questions, I'm fairly analytical and enjoy a lot of information before making most decisions, that can make art a challenge. I started to use art as a outlet when life was a bit too chaotic for me to handle. It slowly became something I did for me that allowed me to express my feelings. It helps me slow down and think about what has happened throughout my day and process it. People seemed to love it, they requested certain styles of artwork and so I figured I should do this on the side. I would love to be able to provide affordable art for people in their homes, something that inspires them in a good way. I love the way different people see different images and things in abstract art, to me the conversation of "what do you see..", "what do you see.." is priceless and melts my heart and soul. If you have been around me in person, you will know my presence is fairly obvious. I can be a bit crass, but it comes with loads of heart and care. My laugh could fill a room with warmth and make everyone smile without knowing or having met them. I'm fairly tall and love to smile at everyone I see (even with the mask on, I can't hide my smile, I have the creases around my eyes to prove it). Ultimately I love to laugh and make others laugh. My dad always used to say something about if laughing makes people feel better then we should all be laughing all the time (not exact words dad, I know, but similar idea, maybe this is my rendition throughout the years). So, whenever possible, I try and create laughter whenever I go. 


Well, I've spent a good couple of hours writing this (getting distracted and all), and can't think of what else to add, so I will steer away from the computer and create some art for a while. If I come up with more, maybe I will make an edit...? Or another blog...? I'm new to all of this, so we will see what time and knowledge bring for me through this journey. (Wish I knew how to get emojis in here, I love the little heart and smiling faces.)