Hello Friend, So you are thinking you like what you see, but maybe not the right color scheme, background, style of flower, etc. …?  Feel free to reach out and email me or message me. I do commission works! I will always try my hardest to complete any request given to me, I love a good challenge, although there may be some I will have to save for another artist. To figure out if I feel confident that I can deliver , I will usually talk the idea over with the client and get some information before I commit. I will need to know a rough list of details when you request: size of space for the art work, colors you would like, also colors you are opposed to (so I don't accidentally add them), and/or any other details to avoid or be aware of. Because the nature of abstract work can be somewhat unpredictable, I tend to make 3 pieces for a client and allow them to choose (not always, size and cost will always come into play here). Sometimes with certain requests I can require a few more simple conversations (questions to you where I want to understand details about your request on a deeper level) to ensure I make a piece of art that is attractive to you, the buyer. 

I do ship works to people who request them out of state, shipping for commissioned works are on a per-request basis. E-mail or message me for more details. 

Alright, I think I coverd all the main ideas of this area, if you find you have a question, suggestion, or anything at all you'd like to talk to me about, I can be e-mailed at: Jen@Inspirations-by-Jen.com 


Thank you for your time and patience, I greatly appreciate it.